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Tempus Business StrategistsTempus Business StrategistsTempus Business Strategists
Available 24/7
Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33606
Tempus Business StrategistsTempus Business StrategistsTempus Business Strategists
Available 24/7
Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33606

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Aside from representing business owners sell their business and buyers buy a business, Tempus also offers Business Consulting services for a fee through their Business Strategists.

Business Consulting Strategies: The Tempus Business Strategists leverage their vast educational, leadership and work experience to assist business owners increase profitability in a sustainable manner. Our Strategists customize their services to each particular client no matter how small or large the task. Once the scope of services has been determined, the Strategists will provide a quote for their services.

  • All initial consultations are complimentary.
  • Customized Services Offered.
  • Consultation can be in person, phone or online.
  • Learn more about our Business Strategists.

We are offer the following Business Consulting Strategy Services:

Customized Business Assessment: Provides a tailored diagnosis of the condition of the business and offer support to achieve lasting success.
Customized Business Value: Independent value review using the CBA, analytics and market value (calculation of value).

Customized Sales Plan: Local, regional, national and international market analysis together with a unique sales plan that meet your specific revenue needs.

Customized Procurement Plan: Suppliers, manufacturing and inventory management plan will provide significant savings (money, time and productivity).
Customized Business Plan: Summary report that include a comprehensive plan to overcome business challenges, improve sales and support start-up’s ventures.
Customized Global Services: Include but not limited to: Market Entry Strategy, Trade shows and Trade Missions, Competitive Analysis and Intelligence, Leads and Referrals, Export Pricing, Customs Compliance, Free Trade Agreements, Bids, Proposals, Closing and Customer Outcalls, Export Plans and Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Business Cultural Environment, Emerging Markets, Foreign Exchange Exposure, Management, Distributors, Agents, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Procurement & Logistics Services.
Pre-Incorporation Consulting: To better position you for business success, proper pre-incorporation planning is a must. If you are looking to start your own business and need guidance on how to go about it from A to Z, our Business Strategists are ready to assist you.
Pre-Purchase Consulting: If you still haven’t decided to buy a business but want to understand the process and prepare, our Business Strategists can assist you.
Pre-Sale Consulting: You are not ready to sell your business just yet but want to understand the process and more importantly want to see how you can increase the eventual purchase price of your business, our Business Strategists can assist you.

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